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Acknowledge Open-Source Contributors with Git Authorship

— 2019-10-07

Even though Git has been the dominant VCS for over a decade, some popular open-source projects don't properly accredit contributors. Open-source projects have a ethical obligation to properly portray the work that was done to the project.

The Clean-up Refactor Deleting ".arel_tables"

— 2019-10-02

Composing queries with ActiveRecord and .arel_tables[] to select individual columns results in long lines. By delegating `arel_tables[] to .[], queries have a more readable interface without losing context. Delete .arel_tables from all usages; gain sanity dealing with complex queries.

Why do Rietta Developers Git Fork?

— 2019-09-25

Forking open source repositories is a standard way of contributing to open source projects. At Rietta, a small agency, all developers fork internal repositories when working on client projects.

Ruby Gems Supply Chain Vulnerability

— 2019-09-06

Learn 5 practical steps to protect yourself from malicious backdoors in Ruby Gems.

The Case for 2FA, Post Rest-client Gem CVE

— 2019-08-22

On 08/19/2019, a CVE was discovered on a popular Ruby gem called Rest-client. Although caught quickly, this could raise the case of 2FA being a requirement for Package Manager accounts like Rubygems and NPM.

What's the Difference Between the 3 Github Merge Methods?

— 2019-06-07

Github's interface makes merging in commits versatile to suit your style of maintaining a clean Git history. The three different styles are Create Commit, Squash, and Rebase.

Best Data Type to store Money in MySQL?

— 2019-06-04

When handling currency in MySQL, use DECIMAL(13,2) for general use and DECIMAL(13,4) if GAAP Compliance is needed.

Account Protection Policies to Cover Business Assets

— 2019-05-30

Utilizing two factor authentication, strong passphrases, password managers, and NIST standards; private company accounts can remain secure. Cover your assets!

Writing Abuser Stories

— 2019-05-28

When writing user stories, user stories are written; but what about malicious actors? Writing Abuser Stories pushes developers to care about security.

Manually Editing Git Hunks: The Easy Way

— 2019-05-23

Git add --patch can help keep code changes relevant with their commits. When changes are unsplittable, we can use Manual-Hunk to split changes line by line.