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Prioritizing cybersecurity (Pluralsight)

The structure and siloing of a large enterprise organization can thwart security efforts. Here is a tip on how to overcome.

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How to win the race with hackers when new vulnerabilities are publicly disclosed!

Keeping deployed web applications up-to-date is imperative to prevent data breaches. Here's how to use automated testing of custom web application software to patch quickly after a support chain vulnerability is publicly disclosed.

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Case Study: Migration of Public Service On-Prem to AWS Cloud

How Rietta planned and implemented a multi-step process to fully migrate a monolithic on-prem Rails application to the the AWS cloud using Docker, AWS Elastic Container Service, the AWS Secrets Manager, and more.

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Case Study: Complex Insurance Document Solution with LibreOffice, Docker, and AWS

How Rietta built a complex document solution that seamlessly deploys to AWS using purely open source technology.

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Top 5 Tips and Tricks on Developing with Docker

A five tips and tricks I've built up working daily with Docker professionally for three years.

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You Can be the Victim of a Cybersecurity Attack: Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

Be cyber smart by recognizing that you can be the victim of a cyber security incident and that you have to keep your Internet connected custom software securely configured and patched up-to-date at all times. Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.

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The Ripples From SolarWinds

The effects of the Solar Winds breach are felt throughout the tech community. More important than the breach though is the aftermath and the response to the incident. How does that affect others?

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Dockerizing Development Saves Serious Money for Small Agency

Systematic investment in Docker is paying off big time. From a agency owner's perspective this is why the up front investment was worth it.

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Paying Ransomware is Harmful: Invest in proactive defense instead.

Paying the pirates has never been a good idea. The long history shows that paying the ransom only increases the financial incentives for more ransoms. Here is how you can use Threat Actor / Capability modeling and practically free counter measures to protect yourself.

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Top 5 Cyber Security Self-Defense Tips for Businesses with Custom Applications

Since there is no Internet coast guard coming to your aid, here are the top five tips for your company to be better prepared for your own self-defense against cyber attack.

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