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After you select your desired time slot, our program manager Lore Hamilton will follow up for more details before your meeting.

We're a small, highly focused professional services firm. Our first priority is our existing clients.

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Minimum Budget

Our project minimum is about $30,000 per project or $24,000 per year either via maintenance contract.

If your budget is below this, we are happy to link you with appropriate learning resources and Slack communities where you might be able to find help.

Estimate Lead Time

To provide an estimate to you costs us many hours and thousands of dollars. The turn around time is several weeks.

We'll discuss the process with you in the initial consultation.

Complimentary Code Review

Our process includes a security-oriented code review.

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Please note that as a small team current work takes priority over answering the phone. If you leave a message, we will review and get back with you as soon as practical.

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