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The UniSuper/Google Lesson: Cloud is Not a Backup!

Learn from Google deleting all the data and backups of a $135 BILLION pension fund! Explore the lessons learned about backup and recovery and some practical tips for a 3-2-1 backup plan.

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Swap Files and AWS - Extending Your EC2 Free Tier Instance Memory

For research projects and other non-critical applications hosted on AWS, staying within the free tier of AWS services can be a challange. Adding a swapfile can be a way to mitigate memory issues while not needing to upgrade to a larger EC2 instance.

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Find Top Referral Sources with Raw Apache Access Log

The easy raw to find your website referrers (HTTP referer) from a raw Apache access file with grep, sort, and uniq on the command line.

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Using IPTABLES to Require CloudFlare for All HTTP/HTTPS Traffic

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WGET to Keep New Rails Site in Memory

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