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A Journey From QBasic Random Access Files to PostgreSQL

Dive into the evolution of data storage from the perspective of a seasoned developer. From the raw byte collections of QBasic’s random access files to the sophisticated transactions of PostgreSQL, this post explores the journey through various database technologies. Witness the transformation of data handling as we move from single-user systems to the multi-user, internet-driven databases that power today’s applications.

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MySQL Decimal Data Type

The MySQL decimal (A.K.A. numeric) data type can be used to store the exact numerical value with a fixed point decimal. The Syntax of MySQL's decimal is "DECIMAL(precision, scale)".

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Best Data Type to store Money in MySQL?

When handling currency in MySQL, use DECIMAL(13,2) for general use and DECIMAL(13,4) if GAAP Compliance is needed.

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How to calculate age in MySQL

While PostgreSQL has a built in age command, MySQL does not. How do we figure out somebody's age in MySQL?

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Adding a Rake Task for SQL Views to a Rails Project

I add and update SQL views to my databases with 'rake db:views'; it's wonderful!

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Reset MySQL Root Password with One Command

One simple command to reset your MySQL root password on Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Don't overthink this one.

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How to use SQL views to Build Reports with Ruby on Rails

Reports can be complex to develop. Sometimes SQL views help us rationalize these complex reports. Rails doesn't ship with SQL view support by default, but the Ruby Gem Scenic is very effective at utilizing SQL Views in Rails.

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Big data a big deal for SQL Server 2012, users say

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Adding RANDOM alias to RAND in MySQL without Changing Ruby on Rails Code

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A.R.M. Yourself Against SQL Injection

Proactively validate all input strings. Use ARM - Accept it, Reject it, or Modify it.

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