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Restoring Old Software for Child Learning Safety

Learn why classic software like WordPerfect & 1st Math can boost your child's development! Explore safe retro tech & conquer digital learning challenges.

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Why Rietta Appreciates Diversity

Rietta values diversity because diversity improves team performance.

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Brad Cox has died

Dr. Brad J. Cox Ph.D., influential computer scientist, co-inventor of the Objective C object oriented programming language, influencer of modern programming based on reusability of software components, has died.

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Leading a Distributed Team with Productive

As a distributed agency, we have to make sure everyone is working on budgeted client priorities across more applications than we have people. Traditional time tracking tooling doesn't cut it. We've found to be the best so far.

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Harvest vs.

Choosing a time tracking and invoicing solution can be tricky. This comparative analysis examines the factors our team factored into our decision to switch to Productive.

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Southeast Ruby Conference Recap

A recap on the Rietta team's experience with the Southeast Ruby conference

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The first real investor meeting post investment

A client recently shared Gordon Daugherty's article on how once investment is brought on, the lead investor is going to have a board seat and things become formal.

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Issue #6: February, 2014, Web Application Topics Newsletter

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We Won a Hackathon with Scriptive! The Programmers' Perspective.

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What is a Maintained Post?

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