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Rietta, the Security-first Development Agency, Provides Application Security for Web & IoT Environments


Identify and fix the most important security vulnerabilities in your code. We provide application security assessments that go far beyond the results of just running automated tools. Our recommendations are guided by your business model and risk tolerance.

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We take on security intensive feature development when your business depends on it, like extreme PII processing when information needs to be encrypted. We offer services from user (and abuser) story writing, security tests, and implementation services for these security intense features.

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Why Application Security Matters

it is possible to have both Agile and Security

Security is not an on/off switch. No useful software application is truly ultimately secure. Security risk may be managed! Your company can take sensible, commercially-viable steps to avoid being in the news with an embarrassing data breach with your name on it.

Rietta has spent more than a decade developing applications with appsec as a fundamental design requirement and more than seven years applying this exclusively in the context of Ruby on Rails applications.

Frank Rietta, Founder & Chief Web Application Security Architect

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since 2005

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Choosing a time tracking and invoicing solution can be tricky. This comparative analysis examines the factors our team factored into our decision to switch to Productive.

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Stop Thinking About GA SB 315 in Terms of “Digital Homes”

Some mistakenly say an ethical hacker is like a nice neighbor walking into your unlocked back door without permission! In reality, security research is about public businesses and institutions open to the public.

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