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Writing Abuser Stories

Lore Hamilton

When writing user stories, user stories are written; but what about malicious actors? Writing Abuser Stories pushes developers to care about security.

Manually Editing Git Hunks: The Easy Way

Christopher Choi

Git add --patch can help keep code changes relevant with their commits. When changes are unsplittable, we can use Manual-Hunk to split changes line by line.

How to hide .gitignored Files from fzf.vim

Alex Piechowski

Keep those nasty .gitignored files like node_modules/ from clogging up fzf fuzzy finder and show commited, hidden files such as .circleci/config.

Herding Cats: The Todo List

Lore Hamilton

Finding a tool to tame the chaos when you're new to an Agency setting and responsible for organizing "all the things".

How To Use Slack To Maintain A Team Reading List

Matt Bettinson

Having a clean and focused reading channel in Slack allows us a sanctioned place for in-depth discussion and news sharing.

Restrict Who Can Push to Matching Branches on Github

(Last Updated: 2019-10-23)

On GitHub, you can enable branch restrictions allowing only certain users, teams, or apps to be able to push to a protected branch.

Fixup your Code Reviews with git rebase --autosquash

Christopher Choi

Git rebase flows result in clean history. Squashing code review fixups into the PR make it hard to see what changed. Rietta devs use --autosquash instead.

Why do teams use points to Estimate? - Interview with Lore Hamilton

Alex Piechowski

Grab a coffee and listen in while the Rietta team explores why using point estimation can help round out your team's planning process in development.

Are you accidentally storing private data in plain text?

Learn how to prudently minimize the collection of passwords, authentication tokens, and customer private data in your debug logs to protect your company from legal liability.

How to Get Fast, Accurate Code Reviews on your Pull Request

Matt Bettinson

Pull requests are being merged with bugs or not being reviewed at all. How do teams perform fast and accurate code reviews? They make the review easy!