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Rietta Makes it Betta Thank You Art!

Best thank you note form a client ever! Custom painting on canvas.

Swap Files and AWS - Extending Your EC2 Free Tier Instance Memory

Chris Davis

For research projects and other non-critical applications hosted on AWS, staying within the free tier of AWS services can be a challange. Adding a swapfile can be a way to mitigate memory issues while not needing to upgrade to a larger EC2 instance.

Implementing Proper Application Maintenance Practices

Rob Stringer and David Hardy

Technology changes, application functionalities will be deprecated and vulnerable to security threats. This is why consistent, and proper maintenance is essential.

When Georgia was on the Brink of Outlawing Critical Computer Security Research, the Governor's Office Met with Me, and Vetoed it!

On April 25, 2018, nine information security professionals met with the Georgia Governor's office to discuss why the proposed criminal hacking law passed by both houses of the General Assembly was extremely problematic to Georgia's booming Information Security industry and risked putting the public at greater risk. Governor Deal vetoed the law a few weeks later.

Dependency Security and Hacking Rails with Jason Swett (Podcast)

Podcast interview about Ruby on Rails dependencies, security, state-sponsored hacking, and practical tips on how to protect your organization.

Snowfroc 2020 - Application Security and Development

Chris Davis

Application security is important to an entire company, but what practical steps can we take on a development team to keep applications secure?

Dependency Management and Security

Chris Choi

Security conscious developers can avoid security pitfalls in their own code, but what about the code that the developer did not write but is using?

A Newer Dev's Perspective on Learning OWASP

Rob Stringer

Why I'm learning Application Security as a blooming developer, and why other new programmers should consider it too! An overview of AppSec for beginners.

AppSec as a Requirement in the Development Process

A prediction that web application security will not be a post-development plugin you can add to your application in the decade of 2020-2030 and what you can do about it.

Xfinity is Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacking my Internet

Alex Piechowski

Did you know that Xfinity regularly launches security attacks against it's own customers?