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How to calculate age in MySQL

Matt Bettinson — 2019-04-15

While PostgreSQL has a built in age command, MySQL does not. How do we figure out somebody's age in MySQL?

Applying Agile and Security in Software Development Public Appearance at KSU

— 2019-02-08

Frank will be presenting Applying Agile and Security in Software Development at the IS General Speaker Series #3 on 2/28/2018 at KSU in Marietta.

Storing currency in PostgreSQL

— 2019-01-28

There are different ways we can store currency in PostgreSQL, this blog post will cover the money and numeric type.

Happy New Year 2019!

— 2019-01-01

Grateful for last year; excited for the new one. Update those copyright notices!

Prevent an Outdated and Broken bin/setup with This Simple Trick

— 2018-11-27

How often do you run this `bin/setup` if it's only ran when you set up your repo? Most developers setup their environment only every once in awhile. What happens when changes to the codebase happen and the bin/setup isn't modified as well?

Writing a good bin/setup

Matt Bettinson — 2018-09-06

What it takes to write a project setup script to ease on-boarding headaches and reduce company overhead

Automatically Migrate from Factory Girl to Factory Bot

— 2018-08-21

Gem updates are tedious. Gem name changes are even more tedious. This quick script converts Factory Girl references to Factory Bot references.

Deep Work and Remote Work

Matt Bettinson — 2018-08-07

By working deeply, you can achieve the best work you are capable of.

Security Quick-Wins: Use DNS CAA records to avoid fraudulent certificates

Brandon Dees — 2018-07-24

Prevent certificate fraud and boost your TLS security in 5 minutes using this simple standardized DNS entry.

Automate Scheduled Security Scans With CircleCI

— 2018-07-18

Stay on top of vulnerabilities by automating security scans with workflow schedules.