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Financial Plan for a New Computer Under Warranty

As a computing professional, top end computers are a necessity for your livelihood. Here's how setting aside just $69/month will ensure you can buy a new computer at any time and have the funds for guilt free technology splurges.

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Development time is money, therefore I RAID

Why I optimize for redundancy via RAID and multiple computers as a developer for whom development time is money instead of relying on a single high end laptop.

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CPU Benchmark - Raspberry Pi vs AMD Athlon vs Mac Mini

In a battle of the CPU's the Raspberry Pi does not win, the AMD Athlon 3200 still holds its own after nine years, and the modern Intel Core i5 beat them both as would be expected. They all have a use in the home systems lab still!

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Setting up Ubuntu for Rails Development - part 2

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Setting up Ubuntu for Rails Development

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Improving my personal efficiency with KDE.

In 2005, I was using KDE on FreeBSD as my laptop OS. Here's a look into how KDE and Komposé improved my productivity.

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