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Engine Yard's 17 Rails Security Tips

Rails: Set Max Length on Fields

Ruby Application Security Talk Featured in Ruby Weekly Issue # 268

Uniqueness Validation Race Condition in Ruby on Rails applications

It's easy for race conditions to slip into your code and out into production. 'validates :field_name, uniqueness: true' is not enough to prevent duplicates in your database; here's how to enforce data integrity with both validations and unique indexes.

Get the Current Year in the Ruby programming language

'' gets the current year in Ruby, but there are other options in the standard library.

New Video! Understanding & Defending Against Data Breaches

Security incidents that lead to customer data breaches, which have been happening at an increasing rate. Most of these incidents are preventable, some would have even been stopped by simply having two factor authentication for staff member access.

Two new videos! How a Ruby on Rails developer can help prevent a Data Breach

Videos of the data breaches and Ruby on Rails are now up on YouTube! Level up on your security knowledge because good software security needs to be a moral stance!

What a Ruby developer can do to help prevent a Data Breach - 2014

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