since 1999

Keep moving with a team of experts behind your application

We know maintenance really well because it’s what we do.

Rietta has been doing maintenance so long…

We practically have this down to a science! You get a better bang for your buck when you buy a subscription from Rietta because we prioritize the increasing value of our maintenance plans.

What do you get?

Rietta provides three commitment levels depending on your organization’s specific monthly needs and budget.

Service Essential Premium Optimal value Ultimate

Enhanced Essentials Package

Manage Security Dependencies
Continuous Integration Orchestration
Site and Service Monitoring
Project Management
Business Analysis
Requirements gathering and documentation
Basic Dockerization for Dev & Test

Enhanced Premium Package

Manage All Dependencies  
Bug Fixing  
Client team Education
Software upgrades from latest supported version  
Enhanced Dockerization for Production  

Plus Ultimate Services

Manage All Dependencies and resolve dependency related technical debt    
Advanced Client team Education    
Software upgrades from any installed version    
Dedicated development contact    
One Sprint of software development each month (13 Points)    

After Hours Support

After hours support, including premium on call support is available for a fee determined by your maintenance level. Unused services do not roll over from month-to-month. We pay our team members for on-call coverage hours, regardless of usage to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

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