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10th Anniversary Blog

Today, Wednesday, April 8, 2015, is the tenth anniversary of this blog. I was a Georgia Tech student at the time of the first post. I was a student at Georgia Tech, about to present my research on SQL Injection at the UROC symposium the next week. That research project lead to my first published paper on Application Layer Intrusion Detection for SQL Injection that was accepted as a single author paper by the ACM while I was still an undergraduate student and was instrumental in my decision to pursue Information Security at the graduate level.

The blog itself has had its starts and stops with some challenges settling into a sustainable post schedule. I started this as a CS student, not an author, so some writing disciplines can only be developed over time.

It has had some posts that have been crazy popular, with thousands of readers a month for years, and some that I do not think anyone has ever looked at other than myself. But post after post, readership has increased to the point that we now consistently have more than 9,000 visitors and I hope to cross the 10,000 mark within the year.

But now with Brandon Dees’s help in addition my continued contributions, I look forward to continuing to bring relevant content about geeky technology topics. We will mix software development deep dives with, business, project management, and community involvement topics.

I am posting this late in the evening, as I just got back from the evening at Georgia Tech at the Atlanta Ruby Users' Group meeting at Tech Square. My good friends Lance Gleason and Kylie Stradley gave practice presentations for the Railsconf 2015 topics and I got to video them both.

I hope to be with you all and the Atlanta technology and startup communities for the next 10 years!