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Gradually and then suddenly

This month is the 15th anniversary of when I started Rietta Solutions, that has since become Rietta, Incorporated, and has expanded into the company that it is today.

Today, I get to work with some amazing clients and a fun, talented team. Fifteen years ago I was a seventeen-year-old, homeschooled student who had no business styling himself as an entrepreneur. But waiting around asking to be given permission was not my style then nor is it now.

It’s always amazed me how years of hard work leads to overnight success. Seth Godin recently covered this well in his post called Gradually and then suddenly on the mode by which careers are made and companies die. Go ahead and read it now.

This post is a bit of a humble brag for me. I am still here, running a company after fifteen years because of divine providence and because I have not quit. To quit is just not emotionally an option for me. This business is a calling for me, in the full sense that I understand it within the context of my Christian faith. It is not a temporary fashion that is lightly put down and then picked back up again.

Thank you all, both my team members and clients for being part of the vision that is Rietta, the consultancy.

And now, I invite you to join me in defining 2014! There is no better time in the history of the world to be an entrepreneur!