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The Start of Something Interesting

I have never seriously considered the prospect of creating a Blog, while I have been a frequent subscriber to a number of others. In fact it was only this morning that I realized that Blogger was actually a product of Google, which goes to show how little attention I have paid to it. However, I figure this is as good a place to start as any and makes starting a lot easier than setting up blog software on my own server.

My intention with this space is to post information that interests me and that I think may interest others. While some of the information will be technical in nature and related to my work it does not “necessarily reflect the views and opinions” of the companies for which I work.

This should be fun.

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Frank Rietta is a web application security architect, author, and speaker. He is a computer scientist with a Masters in Information Security from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He speaks about security topics and was a contributor to the security chapter of the 7th edition of the "Fundamentals of Database Systems" textbook published by Addison-Wesley.

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