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What is a Maintained Post?

Last Updated on October 6, 2013, to add that for a listing of all currently maintained posts, please see the list of maintained posts.

I just updated the Best Data Types for Currency/Money in MySQL post, which first appeared on this blog on March 3, 2013.

You may wonder why I would update a blog post that has already been published. It’s because every single blog post is a landing page. While all posts are lovingly curated by the author, some posts receive significantly more visitors than others. People come in from Google or Bing looking for specific information. These folks deserve the best, most relevant, up-to-date content.

So while some posts represent a moment in time, others are maintained. However, when making content changes other than minor formatting or categorization changes, the authors of this blog will maintain these editorial principals. A maintained blog post will:

As an author of this blog, I hope that you enjoy the maintained posts!