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Storing currency in PostgreSQL

There are different ways we can store currency in PostgreSQL, this blog post will cover the money and numeric type.

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Prevent an Outdated and Broken bin/setup with This Simple Trick

How often do you run this `bin/setup` if it's only ran when you set up your repo? Most developers setup their environment only every once in awhile. What happens when changes to the codebase happen and the bin/setup isn't modified as well?

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Writing a good bin/setup

What it takes to write a project setup script to ease on-boarding headaches and reduce company overhead

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Automatically Migrate from Factory Girl to Factory Bot

Gem updates are tedious. Gem name changes are even more tedious. This quick script converts Factory Girl references to Factory Bot references.

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Deep Work and Remote Work

By working deeply, you can achieve the best work you are capable of.

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Automate Scheduled Security Scans With CircleCI

Stay on top of vulnerabilities by automating security scans with workflow schedules

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How to Ask Great Questions Online

All devs ask questions. Good questions save time and effort for both the asker and answerer, follow these tips to become a superstar question asker and super power your development cycle with and without community assistance.

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3 Developer Onboarding Tips From My Recent Experiences

This blog post briefly explores experiences and lessons that I have learned since joining the Rietta team; experiences that developers in a similar position can benefit from.

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Rails: Set Max Length on Fields

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What is an Abuser Story (Software)

In software development and product management, an abuser story is a user story from the point of view of a malicious adversary. Abuser stories are used with agile software development methodologies as the basis for defining the activities that should be actively blocked or mitigated by the software and proven by automated regression testing.

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