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Two new videos! How a Ruby on Rails developer can help prevent a Data Breach

Videos of the data breaches and Ruby on Rails are now up on YouTube! Level up on your security knowledge because good software security needs to be a moral stance!

Learn how Upworthy scaled a Ruby on Rails application to serve massive traffic

Upworthy's backend is built on Ruby on Rails with an effective use of the Fastly CDN to deliver very high performance at scale.

Joe Moore has Pair Programmed for 27,000 Hours

My new tenkeyless Code Keyboard!

The Code Keyboard Kenkeyless (87-key without a Number Pad) with Cherry MX Green is a great programmers' keyboard.

John Saddington and Obie Fernandez at the Atlanta Ruby Users' Group

Get and compare the current Git branch in BASH

When using Git, this is the easy way to get the current branch within a BASH script and use it to conditionally execute the most appropriate code with an if/else.

My Touch Typing Journey Continues

How I am teaching myself to truly touch-type, without taking any peaks, with Type Fu, the DAS Keyboard Ultimate, and going about my daily work as a consultant.

Why & How We Remote Pair Program (2013)

How to use SQL views to Build Reports with Ruby on Rails

Reports can be complex to develop. Sometimes SQL views help us rationalize these complex reports. Rails doesn't ship with SQL view support by default, but the Ruby Gem Scenic is very effective at utilizing SQL Views in Rails.

New GIT Time Extractor Gem