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Big Data a Big Deal for SQL Server 2012, Users Say

TechTarget just published an article by Alan Earls in which both Sanjay Bhatia (of Izenda), a fellow founder of Atlanta-based database company (and ATDC graduate), and myself were quoted.

Big data a big deal for SQL Server 2012, users say:

For Frank Rietta, the fact that Microsoft has been willing to work with an established open source project is the best part of SQL Server 2012.

Rietta is talking about the Apache Hadoop integration with SQL Server 2012. He is a software developer and president of Atlanta-based Rietta Inc., one of the member companies at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), which runs the incubator program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“Big data is becoming increasingly important even for small startups,” he said. And Microsoft’s partnering with established open source project is “refreshing,” he said.

Please check out Alan’s entire article. The database server space is getting very interesting for small businesses and startups, who increasingly have access to technology that was previously only accessible to the largest organizations.

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