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Setting up Ubuntu for Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is a really great platform for developing and releasing web applications.  At my company, our developers are pretty evenly split between using Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux desktops as their primary development systems.

Setting up Ubuntu to develop in Ruby on Rails is pretty simple, but there are a few gotchas.

To help you learn how to set this up, I have recorded a couple of real-time videos of me configuring from scratch Ubuntu Linux in a virtual machine.   The video is completely unedited, so you get to see every typo and everything I needed to lookup on the Internet to get the system running.

Here's the first video:

One commenter, Manal Ahmed, says that this is "the best tutorial for [setting up] Ubuntu".  I'm really glad that Manal got some good ideas from my little video.  Please let me know if it helps you out as well.

I have not yet recorded the 3rd video yet and plan to do so if the first two help people out.