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Why Do Teams Use Points to Estimate? - Interview With Lori Hamilton

During an interview with Lori Hamilton from Rietta, Lori and I get to the bottom of how Fibonacci Point Based Systems are used by teams to more accurate estimates and more accurately measure developer velocity.


Episode Intro: 0:00

Topic Intro: 0:25

Mentality behind Fibonacci Points: 1:12

How to handle “inbetweener 10 point tickets”: 2:32

How long is a point?: 5:50

How points are better for client relationships: 8:25

How do teams and individuals measure velocity individually?: 9:22

Does Lori always use points when she needs to utilize estimations?: 12:15

Who can use point estimates?: 13:52

What was Lori’s first experience with point estimates?: 15:00

Outro: 17:50

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