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SQL Converter 3.4 Beta for Windows

SQL Converter 3.4 Beta for Windows is now available through the SQL Converter, version 3.4.0, beta read me.  The Mac OS X edition has been available since last week.

The build should work with:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows XP
It supports converting data from Microsoft Excel documents (XLS and XLSX) and Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Tab Separated Values (TSV) files.  It is self-contained and thus does not require Excel to be installed in order to run.

Please note that if you are running Microsoft Windows 8, SQL Converter 3 runs as a desktop application. It is not compatible with the Microsoft Windows 8 RT, which runs on the Surface tablet.

Before publishing it to the site, I personally verified that it ran on Windows 8 Pro and Windows XP.

The beta period is continuing as we finish working on the user interface for SQL Converter 3.4.  The software is free to use throughout this period, which is expected to last through January 2013.

The classic SQL Converter 2 is on sale for $99, marked down from $127, until the launch of the third edition.  Any customer who purchases SQL Converter 2 will automatically receive a full upgrade to SQL Converter 3 free of additional charge once it is released.