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New Interview on Drifting Ruby

Lore Hamilton

Recently, our very own Frank Rietta (yes that Rietta) had a chance to sit down (virtually of course) with Dave Kimura (@kobaltz on Twitter) of the Drifting Ruby screencast. For those who don’t know, Drifting Ruby is an educational site, blog, and screencast with all things Ruby. Drifting Ruby offers premium training with example-based content to up your dev game to the next level.

Frank spoke with Dave on a variety of topics including web application security in Ruby on Rails, some considerations for securing Linux servers in the cloud, why staff access is a big vulnerability even if the code was perfect, and the central role of developers' OWASP Top 10 knowledge for an effective application security program.

It’s the 40 minute Episode #183 Interview with Frank Rietta (

A super important part of our role here at Rietta is community outreach. Our goal is to help as many developers as possible learn how they are the most critical members of an effective process to secure the applications they work on, their customers and the users of those applications.

If you’d like to see a topic covered here on the Rietta blog, let us know and if it’s relevant and will bring useful knowledge to the community we’ll try and cover it. Meanwhile, be good to yourself, everyone you interact with and have the best day ever!