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About Our Team

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build excellent software through principled, sustainable development practices that treat the security and well being of the software’s users as a primary concern.


Frank Rietta, M.S.I.S. – Senior Developer

"Frank Rietta in 2014 in his personal library"

Mr. Rietta’s role is to ensure that your project is designed for security and speed.

With over 16 years of career experience, he is specialized in working with startups, new Internet businesses, and in developing with the Ruby on Rails platform to build scalable businesses.

He is a computer scientist with a Masters in Information Security from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Frank is a public speaker, teaching about data breaches and information security topics. You can also follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn:

@frankrietta on Twitter fsrietta on LinkedIn

Use this PGP key to send sensitive content to Frank. His public key is also at rietta on keybase.

Speaking Schedule

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Brandon Dees – Developer

"Brandon Dees in 2014"

Mr. Dees’s role is to ensure that your project is built according to best practices, so that it is written beautifully and is free of defects.

Brandon is a full-time Ruby on Rails developer on the Rietta team. Having worked with us since 2012, he has been pivotal in shaping our test driven development practices and shaping our remote pair programming practice that delivers solid, stable software time and time again.

@brandondees on Twitter brandondees on LinkedIn

Use this PGP key to send sensitive content to Brandon. His public key is also at dees on keybase.

Award Winning

In this photo, Brandon Dees and Frank Rietta are pictured with Charles Roach after winning the Code for the Kingdom Hackathon with Scriptive in October, 2013.

Chris Armas presents the Scriptive team - Charles Roach, Brandon Dees, and Frank Rietta with the Best of Existing Code cash prize

What we do!

We deliver software in short, one week, iterations for startups, enterprises releasing new products, and even government agencies that need extra security.

Next, learn more about how our process helps companies launch new web applications.