Rietta.com Cybersecurity


Charles Roach, Founder of Scriptive

A huge thank you to the tireless, highly skilled, and passionate work of Frank and his team! I can’t recommend them enough. Not only do their Ruby on Rails and SQL development skills exceed expectations, but their integrity with billing is incredible. It has been a honor for my organization to be included within their client-portfolio.

Bennie Farmer, Founder of Telanon

I met Frank several years ago at a Ga Tech ATDC startup circle we both attended regularly. At those meetings I saw evidence of his personal integrity and knowledge of both software development and startups. So when I decided to have my startup Telanon apply to several accelerator programs, I invited Frank to participate as technical lead. Also, when a temporary mobile development team was creating our Android app, I asked Frank to serve as DevOps manager. He coordinated with the team and arranged for cloud-based hosting on Amazon Web Services via platform-as-a-service provider EngineYard. He continues in that role, and I involve him whenever I’m planning server-side changes. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend Frank and his firm Rietta Inc., especially for early-stage companies’ software development using Ruby on Rails and requiring strong computer security.

Jay Johnson, President of Atlanta Networking & Computer Help Inc.

I have worked with Frank Rietta since 2002. I have been impressed with Frank’s intelligence and integrity on numerous occasions over the years. From solving complex problems to recommending technical strategies, Frank is always willing to help us out whenever we need it. He has consistently provided senior level support for our company in a timely and professional manner.”

Jess Brown, Ruby developer at Brown Web Design

Frank and the rest of the Rietta team are a fantastic bunch of Ruby on Rails developers and are especially experienced in the security side of app development. They are dependable and flexible when it comes to project management and consistently do a good job of keeping things on track and within budget.

Dennis Forlie, Oncourt Player Development

In my position as SVP Information Technology I had a need for a safe, secure and easy payment platform. I contacted Frank Rietta who provided me with his recommendations for appropriate platforms. We settled on PayPal. Frank then provided me with a turnkey solution to my payment needs. He designed the solution and built in added security and ease of use. When I have similar needs I will certainly engage Frank first!

Spencer Norman, Founder of Collider Creative

I got to partner with Frank and Brandon at Rietta, Inc., for a large web app project. They are both excellent developers who utilize Ruby on Rails to it’s full potential. They place high value on well tested code (using the TDD model of writing tests before features) and application security. I would definitely work with them again.

Brad Esclavon, Esclavon Internet Technologies

Frank Rietta has been a valuable consulting asset to my company in the past 5 years. He is one of the few people I can trust to accomplish things as well as I would myself. He is capable of analyzing complex tasks that most people cannot manage and break them down into parts and complete them in an efficient manner.

Mike Lowry, Startup Mentor, Entrepreneur, Technology Solutions Integrator, ATDC

Frank is a regular participant in the Alpharetta ATDC Startup Circle. He has done work for startups there and I have recommended him to friends as well. He is highly regarded by everyone he has done work for.”