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Code Craftsmanship

"Frank Rietta, circa 2014"

As software craftsmen, we expect web applications to solve real business needs.

Doing so requires us to do more than just take requirements and write code, but to question everything. To respect not only our customers, but to respect ourselves and our craft.

To write excellent software because it’s the right thing to do. In short, to be master professionals in all of our actions.

Frank S. Rietta Senior Developer


Our simple promise

We choose to care about using the best tools for the job. At each step of the process, we work to make your custom web application to be fast, scalable, secure, and maintainable.

In short, we care about code craftsmanship. And making sure that applications are designed with the future in mind. Code craftsmanship permeates all phases of the development process.

Code craftsmanship is why we insist on:

Because we want your project to have the very best odds of success, we insist upon the following proven practices, collectively referred to as “code craftsmanship”:

  • Doing things the way that we do, following proven development methodologies.
    • The industry has given these collective methodologies terms such as Agile, Extreme Programming, and Scrum.
  • Gathering well-defined project requirements in the form of user stories.
  • Test-driven development, in which user stories and specifications are written as code to verify and bug-proof the functionality we create.
  • Focusing on meeting specific deliverables weekly. By always prioritizing the next most important feature, we minimize wasted effort and reach a working proof of concept or minimum viable product (MVP) as early in the timeline as possible.
  • Integrating ongoing feedback from users as early and as often as possible.

It’s why we insist on test driven development. To ensure the reliability of your app in production, to protect your brand.

It matters. It’s who we are as a team. It’s our core values at work.

In practical terms

Now that you know a bit about why we choose to work a certain way, please learn more about how our process helps companies launch new web applications.

Further reading

There are many others in the professional development community, who support the principles of software craftsmanship. Learn more by reading the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship (softwarecraftsmanship.org).