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Information Security, Emergency Support

Security is a tax on the honest. If it weren’t for attackers, our lives would be a whole lot easier. In a world where everyone was completely honorable and law-abiding all of the time, everything we bought and did would be cheaper.

Bruce Schneier Beyond Fear

Because we specialize in developing web applications where security matters, we have certified information security professionals on staff. If you have a current emergency or just want some expert assistance, we may be able to help.

Examples of Security Engagements

  • Provide assistance to a merchant with an upcoming PCI-DSS audit, including reviewing the current infrastructure and developing and implementing physical network segmentation to provide maximum security
    • The photo to the right is the trips to Fry’s Electronics that supported the effort to color code the network closet in support of the segmentation policy
  • Investigate the traffic into and out of a system that is suspected of being compromised, using an ethernet wire tap and documenting the source and destination of each network flow
  • Harden a Linux Server Environment
  • Develop an Encrypted Database Scheme to protect HIPAA data
  • Audit the security of a Ruby on Rails application and develop a mitigation plan
  • Analyze a compromised web server to document the extent of the unauthorized access and develop a remediation plan

To get started, or even just for a question, give us a call!

Give us a call at (888) 250-6435, or via e-mail at our contact us page. If this is urgent, then ask for Frank.

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