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Support for Ruby on Rails in Production, Scaling and Security

"Frank Rietta, circa 2014"

It’s been my experience that sometimes a startup has an initial prototype built, and then the founding team has seen some traction, and needs changes to the app. The technical co-founder then needs to learn Rails or start the painful process of hiring another developer in a market where demand outstrips supply for qualified developers. We can do something about this, by offering to bridge that gap between prototype and iterative development.

Frank S. Rietta Senior Developer

In addition to full service web application, which you should read about our process to learn about, we provide ongoing development support for mission critical web applications.

Web applications require ongoing care just like cars require fuel and periodic tune-ups. We provide monthly plans to cover small improvements and maintenance work such as security fixes and migrating to the most current software dependency packages, so that your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Hundreds of little tasks, who will take care of them all?

Unless you are an expert Ruby developer yourself, seemly simple tasks can be insurmountable road blocks without a developer. These many tasks include:

  • Manage the server configuration for scalability and security
  • Deciphering a seemingly incomprehensible error message from your web server
  • Update the Ruby on Rails application to keep up with the latest versions of the platform and its dependencies
  • Troubleshoot technical issues that arise in the ordinary course of business
  • Provide support for your business team by making small adjustments to the underlaying code between major development sprints, for example, adjustments such as:
    • Minor structure changes to the copy or layout
    • Integrating new analytics codes for external services
    • Adding additional database fields that we discovered to be needed after the development had ended
  • Update SSL certificates and other chores that your managed cloud provider will not typically take care of as it is your developer’s responsibility.

But that’s just the start. There are untold situations that need to be addressed in the usual course of your business as a web application owner.

But, isn’t that my original developer’s job?

In some cases maybe your original developer will be able to support you, but the skills needed to support an application are different than those needed to engineer new custom code during a full scale development activities.

It has been our experience that good companies have custom software built and then for whatever reason the working relationship with the original developer comes to and end. This is sometimes by design because for many consultancies, they are focused on building new applications and then it is your responsibility to recruit your own devops team to support it in production.

It’s about reliable access to a developer’s calendar to take care of what you need.

Our developers work full days every day. When we are not already familiar with your application, it can take weeks or months to add you to our schedule for even the simplest change. This is why we have crafted month-to-month support packages, to give you reliable access to our team when you need it on a predictable schedule.

To get started, or even just for a question, give us a call!

Give us a call at (888) 250-6435, or via e-mail at our contact us page. If this is urgent, then ask for Frank.

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