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RoboTag, the Meta Tag Maker

This product is legacy software that is no longer maintained, nor supported by Rietta Inc. This page is preserved for historical purposes. See the listing of Rietta’s legacy software for a complete list of this software.

RoboTag is a companion program to RoboGen. RoboTag will generate the Robot meta tag that is used to indicate to some web robots if the page should be indexed or links on the page followed. This method works on a page to page basis and is facilitated through a simple meta tag.

RoboTag Screen Shot

Using RoboTag

Using RoboTag is very simple, you select what you don’t want to robot to do using the Robot Rules check boxes and then click the copy button to put the meta tag code in your Windows clipboard. Then you simply paste the meta tag code into your HTML file.

Where to put the META Tag

Like any META tag it should be placed in the HEAD section of an HTML page:

      <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow">
      <meta name="description" content="This page ....">