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Proxies and Firewalls in RoboGen

This product is legacy software that is no longer maintained, nor supported by Rietta Inc. This page is preserved for historical purposes. See the listing of Rietta’s legacy software for a complete list of this software.

Because of the way RoboGen works with FTP, it is not compatible with all proxies and firewalls. TIS proxies may be the only type of firewall connection RoboGen can work with. RoboGen and Wininet.dll in general, require either a direct connection to an FTP server or a connection to an FTP server via a TIS proxy. RoboGen does not work correctly with CERN FTP proxies.

RoboGen uses proxy information specified in the registry. If you get messages such as “The connection with the server was reset” indicating RoboGen is unable to connect with an Internet site, you may need to change your pre-configured registry settings to specify a TIS proxy for FTP services. These settings are easily changed from Internet Explorer on the Connection tab of the Options property sheet. The corresponding registry entries are:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

(Adapted from the Microsoft MSDN documentation on WinInet FTP and Proxies.)