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RoboGen Edition Comparison

This product is legacy software that is no longer maintained, nor supported by Rietta Inc. This page is preserved for historical purposes. See the listing of Rietta’s legacy software for a complete list of this software.

The following table shows which features are in each edition (Standard Edition and Limited Edition) of RoboGen 1.5.

Feature LE SE
Exclusion File I/O Features
Save exclusion files to local hard drive.
Open existing exclusion files from hard drive.
Load and save exclusion files directly to the server  via FTP.
User Agent Features
Number of Listed User Agents. 44 180+
List of user-agents for popular search engines.
Select Files and Directories to Restrict using FTP.
Add, Remove, and Modify existing agent rules.
Reduce clutter by optionally showing user agents that have rules set for them only in the user agent drop list.
FTP Features
Store FTP login and password information for an unlimited number of sites.
Auto-detect common document roots when logging in FTP.
Upload ROBOTS.TXT directly to the server.
Download ROBOTS.TXT and edit it without saving locally.
Sort FTP trees, listing directories first and documents last
Streamlined FTP Operations
Exclusion File Headers
Able to customize the header placed at the top of each exclusion file.
Extensive HTML Documentation
Ability to load documentation directly from Rietta.Com
Technical Support
Free Message Board Support
Free Access to the Support site and knowledge base articles.
Personal E-Mail Technical Support

For more information on the RoboGen SE software, visit the RoboGen website.