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Research and Development Tax Credit

As tax season rolls around, it is important to keep an eye on the tax credits that are available to startups. These credits are easy to forget because it is not something that just anyone can claim on their business tax returns. But as startup company or an existing business building software that has a risk of failure, the government wants to provide financial incentives you to build it within the United States.

Each year, one of the better credits that are available to companies commissioning a custom software development project is the Federal Research & Development Tax Credit. The IRS publishes its Audit Guidelines on the Application of the Process of Experimentation for all Software.

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State Tax Credits

Your state may have additional tax credits designed to encourage small businesses, such as your startup company. For example, in Georgia there is a generous Angel investor tax credit available that is worth investigating. You can read about it at Angel Investor Tax Credit.


A tax credit is better than a business expense because it reduces the total amount of your tax bill dollar for dollar.

Because Rietta and its team members are located within the United States, the cost of the development work that we perform for your company may qualify for this credit depending upon the stage that your startup is currently in. Be sure to check with your tax advisor and apply for this credit if it is applicable to you.

Confirmed with my tax accountant

Before publishing this article, I double checked the facts with my company’s accountant, Alan Bradford of Acuff Financial. If you are in the metro Atlanta area and are looking for some help with your taxes, give him a call at 770-554-8344.

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