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Why & How We Remote Pair Program (2013)

Brandon Dees and I gave a this talk about how and why we do remote pair programming when he lives in Nashville, TN, and I live in Johns Creek, GA (a 416 mile round trip) on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at the Atlanta Ruby Users' Group (ATLRUG).

The Video

The excellent Q&A starts at 31 minutes into the talk!

The Slides

The slides are available directly Why & How We Remote Pair Program at Speakerdeck and here is the link to video directly on YouTube.

What Was Covered

We cover the pros and cons of remote pair programming. Explain a bit about how our typical work day is structured. Finally, we go into what gear is required and show off the studio gear that we have put together for our own use.

If you take away only one thing, please remember that good programming is ultimately about teamwork. It requires continual communication and mutual respect.

Oh, by the way, we did indeed remote pair program this presentation using Google Slides.

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