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When Georgia was on the Brink of Outlawing Critical Computer Security Research, the Governor's Office Met with Me, and Vetoed it!

Two years ago today, on April 25, 2018, I shared on Facebook that

at my request, the [Georgia] Governor’s office met with me and 8 others from the information security industry that included security professionals, executives, board members and a venture capitalist. We were joined by an elected Republican and Democrat member of the General Assembly. They didn’t have to take the meeting and I was very grateful for the opportunity to speak through the issues with SB 315 with them.

It is not often that a matter is important enough to a diverse segment of the Information Security industry that so many people come together on a short notice with a unanimous opinion. In this case, we believe that the entire cyber security industry is harmed by SB 315. We want Georgia to remain the #1 State for Business (as the banner in the hallway says). The cyber security business community is saying that SB 315 is not the way forward. All of us are able and willing to help the General Assembly understand the landscape and craft better, appropriate legislation next year."

I am continually available to our government leaders to talk through policy issues around computers, computer security, and protecting the public from cyber-security threats.

Extremely grateful for then Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s willingness to listen and his leadership in vetoing the law that would have criminalized critical computer security research that is necessary to protect the public from harm.

I am also grateful to Representatives Chuck Martin (R), Jonathan Wallace (D), and others who listened and helped!