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Agile Web Development With Rails

We deliver software in short, one week, iterations to keep up with the speed of your business.

Product Vision

Every new project starts out with a high level product vision discussion, where senior developer will collaborate with you to understand your project requirements. This meeting is best in person, but when that is not possible it can be conducted via web conference.

User Story Writing Workshop (Requirements Gathering)

This 2 day intensive workshop is the best way to kick off a successful project with a common, clear understanding between the developers and your business team.

During the workshop, a senior developer and a usability consultant will work with your team to document the design of the system and write the first draft of the initial user stories that will be distributed into the weekly iterations for the development team.

Mockups and wireframes are created to support the user stories as written so that your team and the developers can have a clear understanding of what will be built. The usability consultant can arrange for a moderated usability test after this phase, but before active development begins, to discover items that may need revision to save time and money later in the development process.

Iterative Development Activities (Coding)

The entire team is engaged for your project during the weeks scheduled for your work. This intense focus is the key to delivering high quality, defect-less code, in a reasonable time frame.

A Typical Development Week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Agile Monday!
  • Test Driven Development begins.
  • Daily Standup Meeting.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Daily Standup Meeting.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Integrate work by external teams.
  • Daily Standup Meeting.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Finish up development tasks.
  • Scheduled meeting with your team where the functionality is demonstrated and reviewed.
  • Deploy to Production!

During the ‘Agile Monday!’ meeting, the team reviews the current and icebox items and selects the top ones than can be completed by Friday. After the meeting, the team Any applicable review needed to complete planning for the week’s tasks.

This integration work, if applicable, may include integrating new design elements from the your web designer or working with other parties engaged by the your.

With your approval, the new functionality is merged with your Master branch and deployed to Production. The goal of our process is to have deliverable functionality at the end of every week.

Your Continuous Participation

It is expected that a member of your team will be available to our team members at all times during the week. He or she has the responsibility of acting as the Product Owner and will be responsible for collaborating with the development team, making final decisions on priority of work to be performed, and defining acceptance criteria to verify the work in progress.

To get started, or even just for a question, give us a call!

Give us a call at (888) 250-6435, or via e-mail at our contact us page. If this is urgent, then ask for Frank.

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