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What is Web Accessibility?

It's important to answer the demand for accessible websites to proactively avoid legal implications after the Supreme Court declined to hear the Domino's Pizza appeal in an ADA case.

How to Ask Great Questions Online

All devs ask questions. Good questions save time and effort for both the asker and answerer, follow these tips to become a superstar question asker and super power your development cycle with and without community assistance.

What is an Abuser Story (Software)

In software development and product management, an abuser story is a user story from the point of view of a malicious adversary. Abuser stories are used with agile software development methodologies as the basis for defining the activities that should be actively blocked or mitigated by the software and proven by automated regression testing.

How to use Story Points to Estimate a Web Application Minimum Viable Product

A user story is a concise description of functionality valuable to a user. Once Points are estimated for each, a ballpark budget may be computed.

Project Roadmaps can Manage Uncertainty in Startups' Web Applications

How to communicate about realistic budgets and a timeframes because success requires clear communication on Estimates, Targets, and Commitments.

Avoid thrashing to release your project on time and budget

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