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Stop Thinking about GA SB 315 in Terms of "Digital Homes"

Some mistakenly say an ethical hacker is like a nice neighbor walking into your unlocked back door without permission! In reality, security research is about public businesses and institutions open to the public.

Governor Deal, veto SB 315 because white hat security researchers should be thanked not jailed!

Rietta corporate letter to Governor Nathan Deal asking him to VETO GA SB 315, busting four myths that do not match up with the realities of Internet security. White hat security researchers, the good Samaritans of cybersecurity, should be thanked not prosecuted!

Georgia SB 315, set to criminalize most independent security threat research, heads to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal for signature or veto

As big companies buy cybersecurity insurance rather than fix fundamental security problems, Georgia clears the way for them to press charges or bring civil lawsuits against Good Samaritan researchers.

Georgia SB 315 anti-hacking law dangerously misses the mark of protecting people, making us all less safe

If Georgia SB 315 becomes law, computer security experts will stop reporting vulnerabilities in good faith because doing so could lead to their criminal prosecution under dangerously broad anti-hacking law.