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Patch Production Faster with Security-oriented Agile Development Practices

Companies take too long to patch production leaving plenty of time for threats to attack! Here's how to fix it with security-oriented Agile practices.

CPU Benchmark - Raspberry Pi vs AMD Athlon vs Mac Mini

In a battle of the CPU's the Raspberry Pi does not win, the AMD Athlon 3200 still holds its own after nine years, and the modern Intel Core i5 beat them both as would be expected. They all have a use in the home systems lab still!

Learn how Upworthy scaled a Ruby on Rails application to serve massive traffic

Upworthy's backend is built on Ruby on Rails with an effective use of the Fastly CDN to deliver very high performance at scale.

Find Top Referral Sources with Raw Apache Access Log

The easy raw to find your website referrers (HTTP referer) from a raw Apache access file with grep, sort, and uniq on the command line.

Reset MySQL Root Password with One Command

One simple command to reset your MySQL root password on Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Don't overthink this one.