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mod_deflate: Dramatic website speed increase with Apache compression on Ubuntu Linux

How to supercharge your mobile visitor's experience with mod_deflate, which tends to provide a 62% to 72% savings on bandwidth required to deliver each page.

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Rails: TypeError: nil can't be coerced into Float

In Rails, whinny nil exceptions are a real pain. I like to use to_f when computing float values because nil.to_f is 0.0.

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How to automate copyright notice updates in Ruby on Rails

Conditionally Including Resources on SSL or non-SSL to Avoid Mixed Content Security Warnings in Ruby on Rails

When building content that can be delivered on an encrypted HTTPS connection it is necessary to reference all of the embedded resources, 3rd party badge images, embedded YouTube videos, etc, from an HTTPS url. Otherwise a mixed content error will imply to your users that the website is not safe, ouch!