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A Very Brief Update on My Happenings

Sometimes I ask myself why I even bother to nominally keep a blog. Being rather busy between work and school, I seldom find the time to write anything of interest for these pages. Since I last wrote, I received my B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and sold the web hosting business to Jay Johnson, a man who definitely has a passion for customer service and providing outsourced IT services (aka web and e-mail hosting).

I am now a masters student in Department of Computer Information Systems in the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. Switching to graduate school while continuing to work has been a challenge, but the flexibility that Robinson provides for working students is amazing. My undergraduate institution was definitely not friendly for someone who was both working and taking classes. I am currently working John Hupp, a PhD student at GSU, on a requirements gathering wiki. We hope that the site will help people become better project managers and serve a good place to get some ideas as to what practices work best.

I am working with Eric McCorkle and a few others to launch a new Atlanta-based corporation. I will leak more details later.


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