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SQL Converter for Excel - Version 2.0.3 BETA Released

It’s been two days since the beta release of SQL Converter 2 for Excel. The new version was first announced on the SQL Converter Yahoo group, then the SQL Converter download page, and now here.

“SQL Converter for Excel is a tool to convert worksheets to real SQL database tables. First, you load and model your data as a familiar spreadsheet. Once you have the fields and data the way you need them, SQL Converter will help you build a SQL database table that can then be easily loaded into your MySQL database server ” (SQL Converter 2.0.3 BETA readme).

As the primary developer for the project, I am glad that the program is finally in the beta phase. It has been many years in the making as my attention has previously been divided among the web hosting business, my undergraduate coursework, and other work.

This first beta phase will last for at least a month. The feedback will be incorporated into a subsequent beta and then the final copy will be released. Early beta testers will be able to earn a free copy of the final release by materially participating in the beta. If you are interested in joining the beta testing program for SQL Converter, please let me know.

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