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Randomized Field Names in a Product!? Say No to CAPTCHA Images!

It’s now been almost two years since I gave a presentation on the benefits of using randomized field names over CAPTCHA images to reduce the web form spam problem while not burdening prospective customers. Starting next week, the successor to the Security-Enhanced Contact Form will be released as Contacts to Mobile.

Contacts to Mobile is a spam-resistant contact form for your business website that makes it easy to rapidly respond to customer communications, even while you are on the road. It collects their message, generates a vCard, and can e-mail that information directly to your Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry, or other mobile device.

Next week, Contacts to Mobile will be featured on Bits du Jour, a ‘deal-of-the-day’ website that offers fantastic, one-time discounts on a variety of great products. Bits du Jour will be offering Contacts to Mobile on Wednesday 21 January, 2009 at the dramatically reduced price of $39.95. The normal purchase price for Contacts to Mobile is $89.95!

I am excited to see this product finally launched. My team is working hard over the weekend to put the finishing touches on the example code and website. I firmly believe that we can help make web contact forms and database entry forms more secure on many websites.

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