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Default HTML Values With a Rails View Helper

Suppose you have the same image tag included frequently in a Rails application. One way to clean up the code a bit and to set defaults is to create a super simple view helper method that can receive a hash parameter and merge it with the defaults.

Code Example

In app/helpers/pages_helper.rb:

def gui_tiny_icon(name, opts = {})
  image_tag "gui/theme/icons/#{name}",
    {:class => "vm", width: 15, height: 15}.merge(opts)

Then in the usual place of the HTML.ERB template, one can now do this:

  <%= gui_tiny_icon "twitter.png", alt: "Frank's Twitter" %> 
  <%= gui_tiny_icon "linkedin.png", alt: "Frank's LinkedIn" %>
  <%= gui_tiny_icon "twitter.png", alt: "Bob's Twitter" %>

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