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Working on SQL Converter for Excel Refresh for 64-bit Excel

Even though Microsoft is known for being fanatical about maintaining backwards compatibility, SQL Converter for Excel apparently doesn’t work so well in 64-bit Excel 2010 on Windows 7.  Unfortunately that was an environment that we did not have on any of our systems.  I am configuring a new copy Windows 7 Pro in a Parallels virtual machine so that I can get a refresh working.

In the mean time, check out our new Expert Conversion Service at http://www.sqlconverter.com/expert.html.


Frank Rietta
An update, SQL Converter 3 is a brand new data conversion platform that we have created. It's currently in beta - through January 2013.

See https://www.sqlconverter.com/faq.html and http://dls.sqlconverter.com/desktop/3.4.x/readme.html to access the beta.

Pricing is currently expected to be set at $199 for license once released. It will work for Mac OS X, Windows 7, and Windows 8 Pro.

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