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Startup Riot Atlanta 2012 Registration Is Open

Sanjay Parekh (@sanjay on Twitter) just announced that registration is open for Startup Riot 2012 in Atlanta.

I went as a regular entrepreneur attendee (non-presenting) last year in 2011.  It’s well worth your time to try to make it to the SHOW if you can schedule Feb 22, 2012, to attend. Just remember that this is absolutely not an event for pitching services.  Make new friends.  Get energized talking with and having lunch with other technology entrepreneurs.  It’s great.

This year they have three events:

  • “Startup Riot MAKE” is a four day hackathon proceeding the conference
  • “Startup Riot JOIN” is the career fair featuring startup companies
  • “Startup Riot SHOW” is the big show at the Tabernacle in Atlanta where many entrepreneurs will present for 3 minutes.
Check it out. I hope to see you there.

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