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FREE SQL Converter for Excel Offer

Do you want to get SQL Converter for Excel for free? A few months ago, I introduced TrialPay as a method for a prospective customer to get SQL Converter for Excel for free and still pay Peachtree Communication Systems for it! How does that work? Alex Campbell’s TrialPay presents a number of offers from qualifying partner companies.

Here’s how it works:
  1. You visit the TrialPay page for SQL Converter for Excel.
  2. You sign-up for a product or service from one of our TrialPay affiliates.
  3. In return, the affiliate pays Peachtree Communication Systems the license fee.
  4. You will receive a fully licensed copy of SQL Converter!

The list of affiliate partners include big names like Blockbuster, Cingular Wireless, eBay, Stamps, T-Mobile, Vonage, and others.

Of course, you can still buy it directly, for instant electronic delivery.

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