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Back Home in Georgia

I am back home and more or less adjusted back to Eastern Standard Time. I really enjoyed the study abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain. I managed to take a camping trip to Montserrat, a camping trip to the Pyrenees in Southern France, and even a weekend trip to London. I particularly enjoyed walking around the city and enjoying the sights, sounds, and food. While I by no means became particularly fluent in Spanish, I did manage to get pretty good at shopping, dealing with numbers and prices, and even picked up some social niceties in both Castilian and Catalan.

As my wallet was stolen in the first month of the trip, I had to get a new drivers’ license and student ID printed. I find it somewhat humorous that the student ID reprint costs 3 times more than the drivers’ license. I also got the necessary professor permission and permits to take a 1 hour graduate seminar class in order to be a full time student in the fall without taking so many classes that I do not do well in my final semester.

Now it is time to get back to work.

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