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Smoking Is a Disgusting Habit and Even Worse Indoors

The thing I dislike the most about Barcelona, and Catalunya in general, is the number of people who smoke. It is not just that people smoke openly but that they do so indoors as well - even in elevators. Every pack of cigarettes has a massive notice on it that says that smoking will kill you and yet people seem to not just care and smoke anyways. It is literally impossible to avoid second hand smoke in this city. It is simply disgusting.

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Frank Rietta is specialized in working with startups, new Internet businesses, and in developing with the Ruby on Rails platform to build scalable businesses. He is a computer scientist with a Masters in Information Security from the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He teaches about security topics and is a contributor to the security chapter of the 7th edition of the "Fundamentals of Database Systems" textbook published by Addison-Wesley.