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Cooking With Frank (Hahaha)

Since it is a lot cheaper to eat food from the super mercat (grocery store) instead of eating out, I have been playing around with various easy-to-make meals. My attempt last night at fried rice did not go so well as the rice was still very chewy; apparently Uncle Ben’s and Rice-o-Roni have done something special to their rice. I think that I have to boil the rice thoroughly before trying to fry it.

However, what I did this afternoon turned out very well. It consisted of two bowls worth of spiral noodles (Tornillo), two cloves of garlic (they call them teeth in Spanish, which sounds funny but makes sense), a carrot, black pepper and salt, and a little vinegar. Basically, I started boiling the noodles and chopped up the garlic and carrot and put everything in the small pot to boil. It turned out very good.

This is the first weekend I will be staying in Barcelona since I have been here. The last two weekends I went hiking and camping at Montserrat and then to the Pyrenees in Southern France. I hope to do a day hike up to Montjuic here in the city and otherwise get some work done.

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