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Heading to Barcelona, Spain

I will be living in Barcelona, Spain, until July. I really look forward for the chance to learn more about Spain and what it is like to live in Europe for a while. Our group from Georgia Tech will be guests at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. I will be taking a number of classes including Introduction to Cognitive Science, which should be interesting. From time to time I will post updated tidbits about the trip to this site and even link to some pictures which will be posted in a photo gallery which I will maintain.

The web hosting operations will be managed by Jay Johnson and Jonathan Cullifer. I have spent nearly six years on call as the primary upper tier support representative and am very much looking forward to the time to be able to focus primarily on taking some interesting classes, experiencing another country, and perhaps working a little on some of my research and writing programs.

This weekend is proving to be crazy. I had hoped to post some information about my experimentations with Huffman coding but do not think it will be up until next week. I have been to other places before, and even outside of the United States, but this will by far be longest time I have ever been anywhere since my family moved to Atlanta when I was five-years-old.

I will keep everyone posted.

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