Christopher Choi - Software Developer

Chris’ role is to both development and plan out projects so tasks can be triaged so work is delivered in a timely manner to clients.

Christopher is a full-time developer on the Rietta team. Being one of the newer members of the team, he has assisted in creating systems for project management and client communications.

Posts by Christopher Choi

Why do Rietta Developers Git Fork?

— 2019-09-25

Forking open source repositories is a standard way of contributing to open source projects. At Rietta, a small agency, all developers fork internal repositories when working on client projects.

The Case for 2FA, Post Rest-client Gem CVE

— 2019-08-22

On 08/19/2019, a CVE was discovered on a popular Ruby gem called Rest-client. Although caught quickly, this could raise the case of 2FA being a requirement for Package Manager accounts like Rubygems and NPM.

What's the Difference Between the 3 Github Merge Methods?

— 2019-06-07

Github's interface makes merging in commits versatile to suit your style of maintaining a clean Git history. The three different styles are Create Commit, Squash, and Rebase.

Manually Editing Git Hunks: The Easy Way

— 2019-05-23

Git add --patch can help keep code changes relevant with their commits. When changes are unsplittable, we can use Manual-Hunk to split changes line by line.

Fixup your Code Reviews with git rebase --autosquash

— 2019-05-07

Git rebase flows result in clean history. Squashing code review fixups into the PR make it hard to see what changed. Rietta devs use --autosquash instead.

The Soft and Cuddly Parts of Git Reset

— 2019-04-22

Git reset can help tidy up your Git workflow, this blog post will cover some ways how.

Storing currency in PostgreSQL

— 2019-01-28

There are different ways we can store currency in PostgreSQL, this blog post will cover the money and numeric type.

Automate Scheduled Security Scans With CircleCI

— 2018-07-18

Stay on top of vulnerabilities by automating security scans with workflow schedules.

3 Developer Onboarding Tips From My Recent Experiences

— 2018-06-25

This blog post briefly explores experiences and lessons that I have learned since joining the Rietta team; experiences that developers in a similar position can benefit from.