Alex Piechowski - Software Developer

Alex is a full-time developer on the Rietta team. As a development team leader, his job includes helping other developers do the best job possible with an emphasis on coaching, pair programming, and code reviews.

In his free time, Alex enjoys hacking on his personal projects, studying bio-hacking, and going on long walks on the mountainside.

Posts by Alex Piechowski

Xfinity is Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacking my Internet

Did you know that Xfinity regularly launches security attacks against it's own customers?

MySQL Decimal Data Type

The MySQL decimal (A.K.A. numeric) data type can be used to store the exact numerical value with a fixed point decimal. The Syntax of MySQL's decimal is "DECIMAL(precision, scale)".

Acknowledge Open-Source Contributors with Git Authorship

Even though Git has been the dominant VCS for over a decade, some popular open-source projects don't properly accredit contributors. Open-source projects have a ethical obligation to properly portray the work that was done to the project.

The Clean-up Refactor Deleting ".arel_tables"

Composing queries with ActiveRecord and .arel_tables[] to select individual columns results in long lines. By delegating `arel_tables[] to .[], queries have a more readable interface without losing context. Delete .arel_tables from all usages; gain sanity dealing with complex queries.

Best Data Type to store Money in MySQL?

When handling currency in MySQL, use DECIMAL(13,2) for general use and DECIMAL(13,4) if GAAP Compliance is needed.

How to hide .gitignored Files from fzf.vim

Keep those nasty .gitignored files like node_modules/ from clogging up fzf fuzzy finder and show commited, hidden files such as .circleci/config.

Why do teams use points to Estimate? - Interview with Lori Hamilton

Grab a coffee and listen in while the Rietta team explores why using point estimation can help round out your team's planning process in development.

Prevent an Outdated and Broken bin/setup with This Simple Trick

How often do you run this `bin/setup` if it's only ran when you set up your repo? Most developers setup their environment only every once in awhile. What happens when changes to the codebase happen and the bin/setup isn't modified as well?

Automatically Migrate from Factory Girl to Factory Bot

Gem updates are tedious. Gem name changes are even more tedious. This quick script converts Factory Girl references to Factory Bot references.

6 Easily Avoidable Mistakes New Developers Make When Asking for Help Online

All devs ask questions. Good questions save time and effort for both the asker and answerer, follow these tips to become a superstar question asker and super power your development cycle with and without community assistance.

Harvest vs.

Choosing a time tracking and invoicing solution can be tricky. This comparative analysis examines the factors our team factored into our decision to switch to Productive.

Southeast Ruby Conference Recap

A recap on the Rietta team's experience with the Southeast Ruby conference

Automate Security Scans with Continuous Integration

Learn how to automatically run bundle-audit and brakeman in your CI suite with an example for TravisCI.